Thursday, March 22, 2012

Review of Organic Bistro Alaskan Salmon Cake meal

Another goal of mine is to tell you what I have tried and if it is worth you spending the money to try it. I had great luck with Organic Bistro's Alaskan Salmon Cake meal. It has a moist tasty salmon cake in it along with a three bean medley and confetti pilaf. The beans were great and a blend of green beans, edamane and sugar snap peas. The salmon cake was one of the best that I had eaten in a long time. The rice pilaf was a bit spicy for me but it had good taste. This meal was great for a fast meal but it is a bit much to buy all the time.

Saffron Road Chicken Nuggests Review

With two young boys I am always on the look for easy food that they like to eat. Saffron Road's chicken nuggets are the best chicken nuggets that I have found. My kids love them and I am not afraid to say that I love them too. They do have soy and corn in them but they are gluten and dairy free. I find these at my local Kroger's store and I stock up on them when they are on sale. They are easy to make and while I don't recommend using them all the time they are nice for an easy meal.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

You want me to not eat what?

I am sure that is the reaction that most of us give when we are told to cut out gluten. My family was dairy free first and I thought I was doing good not using dairy. Then came the gluten elimination. That was harder to do and it has been a learning process. I am still learning (and I think I always will be) about the world of eating gluten and dairy free. My goal of this blog is to help others on their journey to going gluten and dairy free. I will review products and let you know what I like or don't like so you can have some guidance when you go shopping.