About me

I am a single mother to two wonderful boys. We live a gluten, dairy, gmo corn and food coloring free life and I am always looking for easier ways to do things. Food coloring was the first thing that was eliminated from our diet. It was a challenge (litter did I know what was coming) but Cameron did not have the ups and downs in his behavior. He would have something with food coloring in it and just shake with so much energy and he could not control himself. Dairy was eliminated after we figured out that dairy was making Caden sick. He would have a constant runny nose, a cough and later loose stools and we traced it back to dairy. Those signs come back if he eats anything with dairy and even sometimes stuff that is "manufactured in a plant..." I had just gotten cooking dairy free under control when a now very good friend of mine asked if we had thought about eliminating gluten from their diet. I was trying to find a cause for the ups and downs in moods that were back taking place in my boys and she said that gluten bothers her emotionally. I did some research and cleaned out the cabinets and we haven't looked back. Sure there are days that I miss the convince of eating foods full of gluten but I know that in the long run we are all healthier for it. My kids (Cameron the most) enjoys being back in control of themselves and are careful to ask if anything has gluten in it.
I also have Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, learn more here or here. In talking with several doctors and doing my own research when my boys were going gluten free, I decided to go gluten free myself. The damage that has been done, is done and I can't fix it but going without gluten could slow down the spreading of my RSD. So, to me it is worth it and I have not looked back.