Thursday, June 28, 2012

Fast Friday - Wasp - oops!

I'm going to leave the post under Friday but I realize that it is Thursday. With our summer days running together I really thought today was Friday. Wishful thinking right. Caden turned out all right but if you ask him he will say it still hurts and he is now afraid of every flying bug. Oh well.
As you can guess by the title we had a run in with wasp today. Which means I didn't get everything finished with the ice cream cones. They are coming I promise!
Caden got stung on the arm 2 or 3 times by a wasp today while playing on the slide. It swelled up really fast and as I ran around giving him Benadryl and putting baking soda on it, I was on the phone to a nurse at his doctor's office. The nurse said I did everything right (which is nice to know) and to just keep an eye on him as this was the first time he has ever been stung. The baking soda must have helped as he was soon back using his arm but it scared me to say the least. He is sleeping next to me right now and it looks like the swelling has gone down almost all the way so I think we are in the clear. What has been a scary moment for you?

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