Monday, June 25, 2012

Misc. Monday - How does your garden grow?

I love to grow plants. I guess I have a bit of a green thumb except when it comes to herbs. I can't seem to grow them but that is another post. I started from seeds and I wasn't sure those little seedlings would ever grow, but grow they have. Some of them are huge! In order to water them I have a rain barrel sitting to collect the water from the air conditioner. This will be very important in the new few weeks as Illinois is to reach a critical drought by the end of the week. What are you doing to help water your garden?

It is a jungle out there!

All shriveled up, Any idea why?


Why are we molding?

Found this little gem hiding

Anyone know why they are turning yellow?

I love how different heritage tomato leaves look

More strawberry blooms!

This is a surprise

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