Friday, January 18, 2013

Rudi's Giveaway!!

I love Rudi's and use them in my daily life. You can read about their tortilla shells here. Right now Rudi's is having a contest to have people go on a hunt to find Soft & Fluffy. We all know that when it comes to gluten free breads soft and fluffy are often two things that are missing.
Rudi's new bread is to offer gluten free bread that is soft and fluffy. (Yea!) To help you find Soft & Fluffy Rudi's is giving away a package of tools to one lucky reader that will help you find Soft & Fluffy. (This package is awesome!)

To help with you quest here is the package from Rudi's that one of you, my lucky readers will win!

* Compass
* Field Notebook
* Organic Trail Mix (My kids love this one!)
* Peter Rabbit organic fruit snack
* Kelty Backpack
* Stainless steel water bottle

To enter leave a comment on this post saying where you think Soft & Fluffy can be found.
What creative places do you think you can find Soft & Fluffy?

This giveaway will end  January 30th at midnight.

Contest is now close. The winner is kjsmoma!! Thanks for entering everyone!


  1. My favorite line from Despicable Me is when the youngest girl gets her new unicorn and says "its so fluffy!". Reminds me of my long lost friend.... Bread

  2. Soft and Fluffy will be skydiving and making itself into a sandwich and falling into my mouth for some yummy goodness. :-D

  3. I think Soft & Fluffy can be found at my son's soccer field! So many hungry little ones there that need to be replenished after a hard game! And Rudi's Soft & Fluffy is so good... you can't tell it's gluten free! Yum for everyone!

  4. I know soft and fluffy be found at soccer or tumbling or in my toaster love it.