Sunday, August 19, 2012

Fast Friday - Butterfly Snack Bag

 I thought that this had posted on Friday but I guess that it didn't. So here it is a bit late. Sorry!
I had a hard decision to make on what to bring for the first full day of school snack for Cameron's class. I wanted something fun, healthy and I wanted Cameron to have the same snack as everyone else on the first day of school. Plus I figured if I brought in a healthy snack it would set the bar for all the other parents who are bringing in snack this week and next. I looked all across the internet and while there were many cute ideas, but only one I had time for. Cameron came home from school and said that it was a hit and the empty butterfly bags came home from school with each student.

Butterfly Snack Bags
What you need:
snack size zip top bags
pipe cleaners
assorted fruits and veggies

Fill half of one snack bag with desired treat. Fold pipe cleaner in half and bunch up the pipe cleaner and twist to make a butterfly shape. Fill the other half of the bag with another treat. It really is as simple as that!
So cute!

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