Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Dip + Decorate Natural Coloring Kit Review

Yes, I know Easter was a while ago but this is an idea for next year. My kids can't have food coloring so in the past we have dyed eggs and given them away or tried different natural colors. This year I ordered the Dip + Decorate natural coloring kit from the Natural Candy Store which I love! The colors turned out great and I have waited to post this as I wanted to try adding them to frosting, which I did. Here we are coloring eggs.

This is how they turned out when we were all done.
 Caden's eggs
Cameron's eggs

I also made my own Easter candy for them and took the shimmer dust and used it to paint the chocolates silver and yellow/gold.
 I love the way the chicks turned out!

I also wanted to try the colors in icing and I did that with the red to make pink for a breast cancer bake sale. I love the color of them and now I can't wait to try the others.

Do you use natural colors and what works for you?

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