Thursday, April 12, 2012

Travel food

I am on my was to Nourished and the Gluten Free expo. I can't afford to buy evey meal out so we packed lots of food. We have a cooler full of premade meals that we can warm in the hot pot. We are driving so we also have lots of space to fit all the food we packed. Some of my favorites are Kind Bars, freeze dried veggies and fruit, hummus, Crunchmaster crackers, and my down fall is Goody Good Stuff Summer Peaches. I love them! They also make strawberries and cream snacks and cola bottles. Yes they taste like old school cola bottles but the peaches are my favorite. They are free of gelatin, gluten, dairy and artificial colores and flavors.


  1. Good Stuff, Rebecca! Whats your email address? -Melanie

  2. Sorry, I didn't realize it wasn't on here. It is rrcavery at gmail dot come