Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I had the great privilege of attending Nourished in Lombard, Illinois just over a week ago. I had a blast and learned lots about how to be a better blogger but still stay true to myself. I am still new to Twitter and Pinterest but I am learning thanks from the help of Melissa from Stockpiling Moms and her great social media talk. I learned how to make a strong blog brand from Mary Fran Wiley and never to use Times New Roman in my blog or she will hunt me down. From the great Karen Morgan I learned to keep a journal close when I try a new recipe because I never will remember what I did if I don't write it down. I also had a blast meeting Lauren Lucille Vassar and Anne Lee from Schar and learned about making the step to team up with a company. (Not there yet). Cara Lyons taught us all how to take a better picture, which I am working on. It also served as a reminder to me that I was so busy soaking up being in a room full of gluten free people that I forgot to take pictures! I'm kicking myself for that.
They also fed us wonderful food! Who knew I would have the chance to try duck with a quail egg on it for lunch!! I would have been happy with the standard salad we all eat.
 A yummy lemon cupcake from a local bakery!
 Yes, see duck with quail egg!
This was a cold zucchini soup that was so light and refreshing, I need to learn to make it.

I also made friends with other bloggers I will keep up with like Melanie Angelis, Sarena Shasteen (I will get a post soon about the cans I promise!) and Angela Litzinger!
I had a blast as you can see and I will be pinching pennies to try and go next year. Will you be there?

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